Change Your Palate

What You Fill With Determines How You Feel

What is Change Your Palate?


We all have a relationship with food. Some healthy and others not so much. Change Your Palate is designed to hold hands with families who truly want to see a generational shift in terms of preventable diet related chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes (T2D) and hypertension (HTN). We will help families get to the root of their dining decisions and offer whole food raw ingredient meal kits as a teaching tool and a bridge to better overall health outcomes.

Change Your Palate acknowledges that education is not a panacea and that system level change begins with relationship building and conversations. Since the relationships we have with food stems from adverse childhood experiences, access, acceptance and availability of food, its imperative that we share stories. Our meal kits, listening session, nutrition education, and community-based support will alter cravings and undo the typical minority family story about how T2D and HTN cause harm.

Change Your Palate was crafted by Shaniqua J. Simuel under Simuel Enterprises, LLC.

MIssion Statement

We ignite internal power and shift cravings within minority and other marginalized high risk families by using stories and food as tools to eliminate type II diabetes and hypertension.